Copying Password Files – Firefox


The following must be done with Firefox closed!

In the old Profile folder ( /home/USR/.mozilla/firefox/DIR ) copy the files “signons.txt” and “key3.db” to your new one.

More info:

  1. To recover bookmarks: bookmarks.html
  2. To recover address book: abook.mab
  3. To recover junk mail controls: training.dat
  4. To recover cookies: cookies.txt, cookperm.txt, and hostperm.1
  5. To recover personal dictionary: persdict.dat (on MAC this may be cust.dic)
  6. To recover extensions and themes: the chrome folder. In Thunderbird the extensions and themes folders
  7. There are other files, such as *.rdf that you may wish to copy.
  8. The NEWS folder
  9. Some people have had trouble when they have copied the entire MAIL folder, so here is an alternative:
    From the MAIL folder: for each mail account: all files except those with extension “.msf”



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