How to install Scim on Xandros

I’m writing this tutorial to explain how to install the Chinese input method (scim) on Xandros (eee pc 4G version).

First, let’s install the Chinese (simplified character) language support.
Launch -> Application -> System -> Synaptic
Simply search “cn” and mark from the result the following packets:

keyboardmap-zh-cn kde-i18n-zhcn libxandroskbmap0-qt4 asus-launcher-zh-cn keyboardmap keyboardmap-dialog firefox-locale-zh-cn asus-launcher-update-2-zh-cn keyboardmap-dialog-zh-cn

Ok, now you can install marked items.

Then, let’s install Scim!
In synaptic, search for “scim” and select:

libchewing3-data scim-modules-table scim-chewing scim-tables-zh scim-modules-socket scim libscim8c2a scim-gtk2-immodule libchewing3 im-switch xandros-scim scim-bridge-agent scim-pinyin scim-chinese scim-bridge-client-gtk

Ok, the installation is finished. Now, simply reboot Kde (ctrl + alt + backspace) and you can start using Scim!


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