PupEee: Puppylinux on EeePc


All those guy who dislike Xandros and can’t stand up to  install windows on their eeepc, this tutorial is a blessing. Infact, Pupeee is a nice linux-alternative to Xandros.


You can find a clear wiki here: http://wiki.eeeuser.com/pupeee.html

Italian thread: http://forum.eeepc.it/viewtopic.php?id=287&p=1

In short:

  1. Download Puppeee installation cd  (*.iso): http://www.puppylinux.ca/members/Pupeee/ (about 100 Mb)
  2. Burn the iso image and reboot you computer (the one which has a cd device) with the Puppeee (it is a live distro).
  3. Once the boot is finished, click: Start -> Setup -> Puppy universal installerone1
  4. An installation-wizard will star, you can choose you installation method.two1

I decided to use a SD flash card, owing to confort. Infact, is not necessary to plug/unplug the memory device every time, as could happen using a usb pen driver.

I formatted the memory in Fat v16 (I also tryed ext2, but it doesn’t work) and put “boot” flag” (don’t worry about this, gparted is included in puppeee default installation; the wizard will explain this step).

The installation takes about 5 minutes.

Make sure the bios of you eeepc is proprely set: at boot, press F2 and put “removible device” at the very top of “boot device” list. Press F10 to save and quit.

That’s it! I hope you enjoy the Pupeee experience.


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